Group Yoga Classes

this is where you will see any group classes currently being offered!

here’s how it works. i have space for 8-12 mats. it will be warm, close and cozy.

you must sign up and pay for class in advance to reserve your spot!

Restorative Yoga ~ new!

Fridays 6-7:15pm

1hr 15min - $15

This type of yoga is open for everyone, no prior yoga experience is necessary. space is limited, please register in advance!

what is restorative yoga?

restorative yoga is a style of yoga that offers the body a chance to rest deeply to promote self-healing. whether you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, weak, fatigued, or simply need to slow down, restorative yoga can help restore well-being in your body and mind.restorative yoga poses are accessible for people of all ages, body types, and levels of health. props, like pillows and blankets, support the body. restorative yoga will help you discover how active, supported rest can improve your energy level, your mood, and even your sense of physical comfort.

benefits of restorative yoga:

  • deeply relaxes the body

  • reduces stress

  • rebalances the body and mind

  • improves your capacity for self-healing

  • boosts immunity

  • enhances mood

  • restores health with conditions such as back or neck pain, high blood pressure, asthma, migrain & tension headaches, tight/restricted muscles and joints, and more.

what to expect?

you will find a safe & cozy setting at the bungalow, perfect for restoration. blankets and cushions are used to make the body comfortable. this is a passive practice, with longer holds. you can expect to be in each pose an average of 5 minutes, with the longest hold being 12 minutes.

this style of yoga is extremely complimentary to the bodywork we provide here at the bungalow. come get a massage as well!

Private Yoga Session

a private session gives you the benefit of one-on-one instruction. if you prefer a class catered more toward your specific needs, or maybe you are not a group class person, you will love what you can gain from this! come solo or gather your own tribe up to 5 for a private group experience. fun!                                              

60 min - $60

(5 person max)

Private Reiki Session

when our energy becomes negative, stagnant, or blocked, it creates imbalance and dis-ease. reiki is a powerful method used to move or re-move energy to promote harmony & healing within the body and mind. a session can be performed seated or lying down, and is gentle to the recipient. a session may include hands-on and/or hands-off techniques, crystals, and essential oils. comfortable clothing should be worn by the recipient, prepare to feel deeply relaxed.

30 minutes - $45

Private Meditation Session

a meditation practice can take time and patience to establish, and it is individual in nature for each person. during your one-on-one session, and continually, we will discuss basic principles, and learn beginner techniques to set your journey into motion. we will create a simple, user friendly method to guide your body and mind into a restful place that can be duplicated in any place at any time. this may include movement, placement of body/hands, props, posture, mantra, and breathing techniques. you and your instructor will discuss and decide what works best for you.


30 minutes - $45

Pop-up workshops & events 

we will host occasional pop-up classes & workshops. like us on social media (top of page)  this is where we will POST dates and times!

see you soon!